Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring rolls

My fav snack..I made it for th first time.Came out really good.Liked to roll them in a dffrnt way.


Spring roll sheets- 10(wheat based or corn based rolls)

Vegetable(Carrot,beans, capsicum,cabbage)

Onion(Chopped finely)

Spring onions(chopped finely)



Soya sauce



Chilli Garlic sauce.


1. vegetarians can use mashed rice to seal spring rolls instead of eggwash .egg wash is nothing but egg beaten ,used as a glue to seal edges the spring rolls.

2. Boil all veggies chopped and onion in water and squeeze them out with musin cloth or any strainer completely.

3. Add little salt, Ajinamoto, chilli garlic sauce, soya sauce,pepper.mix well in to the bolied veggies.

4. Take each sheet. Put the veggie mixture on the sheet and roll it by applying egg wash or mashed rice.\

5. Deep Fry them in oil.

6. Enjoy the snack with tomato sauce.

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