Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cabbage chutney

This dish is more of andhra dish. It goes well with hot rice and ghee. yummy. we call this as pacchadi.

Ingredients:-Cabbage : 1/4th piece of a small one.
Tomatoes: 3 no's
Dry Red Chillies :8 no's
Chana Dal(senaga pappu) : 3 tbsp
urad dal(minappappu): 3 tbsp
Dhaniya : 2 tbsp
Seaseme seeds(nuvvulu) : 6 tsps
Salt- to taste
tamrind paste - 1tsp(or to taste)

Fry all the ingerdients(except cabbage and tomato) on low flame(without oil) and grind to fine powder.

Put 3 to 4 tbsps oil in a vessel, add shredded cabbage.Put the lid and let it cook till half done. Then add cut tomatoes till completely done.

Grind the cabbage and tomato mixture with the ground powder, salt and tamrind. Do not grind to fine paste. It is good if it is little coarse.

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