Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vegetable 65

An evening snack for your family. I am sure they ll love it.

Duration:-45 mins


2 pinch ajinamoto
1 pinch coriander powder
1 cup corn flour
1 tsp
2 tsp garlic
2 tsp ginger
1 cup maida flour
2 tsp mirchi powder

oil for frying.
1 small onion
1 piece potato
1 cup Boiled rice

to taste Salt
1 piece zukini or any vegetable


Cut vegetables into small size and coat it with coat it with rice and flour batter .
For this,blend rice with adding maida ,corn flour, red chilli powder,salt and jeera.
Make a fine paste out of it. and coat the veggies with this paste.

  • Deep fry the above coated vegetables and keep it aside.
  • In a separate pan heat oil add cumin add chopped ginger garlic onion and all other spices such aschilli garlic , red color , and soya sauce with pinch of ajinamoto and toss the fried vegetables.

Serve HOT and enjoy this snack.
Mouth watering isn't it??????


myspicykitchen said...

i thought u were not cooking any deep fried food.. :)
color veg 65....

Sireesha said...

Gobi 65 looks delicious.....

Sireesha said...

Vegetable 65 looks delicious and mouyhwatering.Its new for me.....will try it soon ......