Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poori with Bombai chutney

I got this recipe when I was newly married from my dr mom. Those were the days where i call myself 'L' board to cooking.

For Poori Ingredients:-

Maida- 1 cup
Wheat flour(atta) -1 cup
Bombai ravva or fine semolina or chiroti rava- 1 cup
Oil- 1 tspn for mixing in dough
salt- to taste


Mix all the above said ingredients and make a soft dough out of it. keep it aside for 15 mins.

Make small balls out of dough and press it like small Chapathis.

Deep fry them in oil

For Bombai chutney Ingredients:-

Basin powder- 1 cup
Tamarind pulp-1/2 cup
Water- 6 cups
Green chilli paste- 1 tspn
Cinnamon- 1 inch
Clove- 1
Garlic-1 flake
Onions- 1 large Chopped finely


  • Mix basin powder along with water and tamarind pulp and keep it aside.
  • In a pan , add little oil. add clove, cinnamon. remove it from the flame. crush the cinnamon and clove powder with garlic and keep it aside this mixture.
  • Add some more oil in a pan. Make seasoning with mustard seeds, jeera , urad dal and channa dal. Add chopped onions, and green chilli paste.Fry until onions become translucent.
  • Add basin powder mixture. stir it continuously or it will form lumps.
  • Finally add salt and cinnamon, clove and garlic mixture in to it and serve hot with Pooris


Kavya said...

Shruthi...I was looking for a proper recipe for Bombay chutney thanks dear :).....its the same which is given with rava idli also rght?

Shruthi Hebbur said...

Bombai chutney with ravva idli is different one. taht is aloo saagu