Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chinese bhel

Sending this entry to Akila's Dish name starts with C.

This is basically Indo chinese . Got this recipe from my cousin who did chinese cooking classes in Bangalore.

Its awesome and i lovvvvvvvvvve it.


Take any normal plain chinese noodles.Boil them with some salt and oil for 5 mins later drain it. After draining it completely,fry it in oil.It should be crispy

Keep aside crispy noodles.

Later cut all the veggies length wise

such as


capsicum (if yellow, orange or red- tastes good)





all veggies keep it in Refrigerator.

when you are making the bhel then take it out from the refrigerator.

Take a bowl, add 1 tspn vinegar

2 tspn powdered sugar

1tbspn tomato sauce

1/2 tspn white pepper

1 tspn soya sauce

1/2 tspn red chilli sauce

salt to taste

mix all these in a bowl and add the veggies

and finally add the crispy noodles

and serve it

Delicious and healthy too.

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Karan Fagne said...

Your recipe is looks awsme, you give the easiest way to prepare this

recipe, from your recipe tips many people gets advantage. Regards, Chinese Bhel