Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jackfruit & Banana Halwa

I am not fond of sweets, but this sweet is caught my attention.
Thanks to Lakshmi for this wonderful recipe.

Its truly amazing sweet i ever had. Simply to make .

Jackfruit-about 10 units
Banana- 2
Sugar- 3 tspns
Ghee- 1 tbspn


-Take a pan. Add some ghee in to it. Saute Jackfruit pieces in ghee for sometime until it becomes soft in medium flame.
-Add the mashed banana in to it. Mix both of them thoroughly and keep stirring until both the fruits mix well.
-Add sugar and some more ghee in to it and cook for some more time.
-Switch off the lame when the mixture thickens.
-Grease the pan and pour the mixture.
-Let it cool down .
-Enjoy this amazing Jackfruit Halwa.

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LG said...

Thanks Shruthi for trying the halwa and sending it to my event :). Even I got glued to its taste!