Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sajjappa / Sogasu obbattu

Navrathri and Deepavali season. wanted to try out authentic traditional sweet that they make back home. Here it is, presenting Sajjappa/ sogasu obbattu.

1 cup- Coarse semolina(Ravva)
1 cup- grated coconut
1 1/2 cup- sugar
1/2 cup- milk
1/2 cup- water
1/2 cup-fine semolina( chiroti ravva or holige ravva)
1/2 cup- Maida
1/4 tspn- salt
1 tspn-chopped Cashewnuts,
2tbspn- ghee
Oil- for deep frying
kesar and elaichi powder

Add coarse semolina, grated coconut, sugar, milk , water and chopped cashewnuts in a pan and keep on a medium flame and stir together.when it becomes thick.Add 2 tbspns ghee. elaichi powder, kesar and mix together and bring it down out off the flame.
Make small balls out of it( as shown in the above pic) and keep it aside.Let us call this as HOORANA.

Meanwhile make a mixture out of fine semolina, maida and salt by adding little water. Make it as a thick paste.Let us call this mixture as KANAKA.

On a plastic paper apply some oil. Take some kanaka.Put HOORANA inside KANAKA and add one more plastic paper and press it like obbattu as shown above.

Remove the obbattu and deep fry them in oil .
Your yummy SAJJAPPAS are ready....

Sending this to preeti @Khaugiri for 'Only Festive Food' started by pari @ Foodelicious


Umm Mymoonah said...

That's very different sweet, is it like fried version of poli. Whatever it looks sooooo delicious.

Shruthi Hebbur said...

yes it is like a fried version of poli. i can put ur comment as a introductory note. thanks

LG said...

Thanks kane Sogasu Obattu Nenepu madidakke. Mastagi kanta ide photoli..slurrp!

Khaugiri said...